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News and information related to Great Leather leathergoods and it's customers, as well comments and photos related to leather care, repairs, and restorations.

Leather Repair

Dena Hamilton - Friday, April 01, 2011
Leather CARE Specialists™ - We fix it for you!

When I search the web, typing in “leather repair” or almost anything I can think of in which we at Leather CARE Specialists™ are experts, what I find is a long list of links that are either for leather repair kits or other instructions on how to do leather repairs - yourself!

Now some people are good at reading manuals and may even have had more luck than not with cars, electronics, etc. But leather comes from animals and no two are alike. Cow, lamb, goat all have unique properties. Every panel in a jacket is most likely cut from a different hide and probably a different section. Skins are tanned, dyed, and finished differently.

Years of experience and the right tools and products are crucial to a good leather repair and restoration. So, if your leather item is an investment that you want to protect - let an expert do it!

I hope that one day soon when you type “leather repair” into your browser, Leather CARE Specialists™ will come up at the top of the page.   An expert to do your leather repairs should be one of the first links offered to you.  And Leather CARE Specialists™ are experts in leather repair!