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News and information related to Great Leather leathergoods and it's customers, as well comments and photos related to leather care, repairs, and restorations.


Dena Hamilton - Monday, October 24, 2011

SPECIAL OFFER - LIMITED TIME ONLY!  In honor of the Great Leather Drumstick Bag's review in the Showcase section of DRUM! Magazine, November 2011 issue.

Purchse the GREAT LEATHER DRUMSTICK BAG™ now and receive in time for Christmas! Ships free to anywhere in the continental USA through NOV 15th.

Enter DRUM! in the discount code box when checking out.




RICH REDMOND Comes On Board!

Dena Hamilton - Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I got the bag and it is amazing! I used it for the first time yesterday!! Awesome! I am beyond flattered to be in such great company. I will send you pics of me with it asap. In the meantime. Here is a picture for your site. Thanks again!!! 

Rich Redmond

Jason Aldean/Sessions

Very cool, Rich. Nice to talk to you and thanks for helping spread the word!



GL In Slicks!

Dena Hamilton - Friday, September 16, 2011


The GREAT LEATHER DRUMSTICK BAG will be featured in DRUM! MAGAZINE in the November issue - 2011!  Look for it and check out the Showcase section:)


Leather Prices Rise!

Dena Hamilton - Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Great Leather Customers,

I feel the need to share this news post from my leather supplier, as I was shocked at my last invoice!

Dear Dena ,

Sadly as you've probably heard on the Radio, Television, Print Media & the Internet, the world (not just this country) is seeing a HUGE increase in all basic commodities but particularly COTTON & LEATHER!   We will be posting regular updates on our website (News Section) with regards to hides and finished leather prices.   We do not wish to alarm you but simply to inform you that there will be some price increases in leather across the board.   Helping fuel the price jump has been a growing middle class in China, Vietnam and other Asian Countries as well as India where consumers are buying leather goods as incomes rise.   As economies around the world recover from recession, consumers are again buying luxury leather goods.   We will do our best to hold any price increases to the very bare MINIMUM! ....................

So... sadly Great Leather has to raise prices also.  Fortunately, leather creates a long lasting product so that purchasing leathergoods is still a good decision - and a fun one!

Thanks for your understanding,



GL Drumstick Bag - Around the World - New Zealand

Dena Hamilton - Thursday, September 01, 2011

Hi Dena, We received the bag yesterday and it is beautiful. Tia is really happy and loves it.I am really glad we went for the mahogany colour it,is gorgeous . Thanks also for the lovely coin purse,I love it.
Thanks so much for all the extra effort. Diana X

When Diana first ordered her son's drumstick bag, she sent me this:

Hi, Yes all the way in New Zealand,my son has specifically requested your bag as his drum tutor at the local uni recommended it!.

This was a pretty cool thing for me to hear!  It really made me feel good to know that a university professor in New Zealand was recommending the Great Leather Drumstick Bag!

I've enjoyed getting to know some of my owners a little bit from conversations we've had and I like sending good thoughts towards a specific drummer while I'm sewing up his bag:)


GL Drumstick Bag - Around the World - New York

Dena Hamilton - Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hi Dena,

I would like to express my appreciation to you for creating my new drumstick bag. Everything about it is first class - the quality of the leather, the design of the bag, your expert stitching and your friendly customer service. This bag is built to last. A couple of things about the well thought out design standout to me - the way that it closes using velcro (instead of zippers) is great, zippers are nice but seem to snag a lot and eventually break - the velcro solves this problem. Also, the "S" hooks that attach the bag to the drum are step up from using laces that wear out after awhile. The extra "S" hooks for hanging brushes on is another nice touch. These things might seem like simple things, but to me it makes a huge difference. And then add the fact that each bag is handmade makes each one unique. This drumstick bag will be with me for long time.
Thank You Again
Tedd Dolhon

GL Drumstick Bag - Around the World - Mexico City

Dena Hamilton - Saturday, July 16, 2011

MEINL Drum Festival in Mexico City - July 13, 2011

Hi Dena,
People flipped over the bag and mutes.
Here is end of Fest with crowd in background ....



GL Drumstick Bag- Around the World- Germany

Dena Hamilton - Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great Leather Drummer & Music Photographer


                                 Rob Shanahan

Rob Shanahan with Ringo Starr

I started sending letters out, asking where the Great Leather Drumstick Bag™ drummers are, for pictures or videos of what you are doing, and what music you're making around the world.
Rob Shanahan sent us two great shots!  One of Rob in his main element photographing music greats, and another bonus shot of himself as drummer with none other than Ringo Starr. 
If you haven't seen Rob Shanahan's photography yet, visit his website!!!  It was a thrill for me when I saw his homepage and you're gonna love his body of work.

Thanks for coming to my blog. Keep those emails, photos, and good stories (for the Good Story Series) coming. 
Wishing you all great fun, great music, and safe travels -  Dena

The Great Leather Drumstick Bag
Rob Shanahan Music Photography


Great Story Series - Elevator Rides With The Duke!

Dena Hamilton - Friday, July 08, 2011
Here's a story sent in by drummer and jazz enthusiast, Richard Hoe.

About half-way through U.S. Navy boot camp, in Great Lakes, IL, in 1957, the men in my company got a 12-hour pass. Most of us went to Chicago, and I was the first one out of the door. I had prepared for the trip to Chicago by checking the jazz listings in the paper and, once I got to to the city, headed directly to the Blue Note, where I caught about three sets of Duke Ellington (I was 17, but my driver's license had the birth date off by one year in my favor; I had no trouble getting in and was actually just a few days away from being eighteen). I didn't meet the Duke that evening, but I did get to visit with the trumpet player, Shorty Baker, during a break. Shorty was very kind. I was of course mesmerized by the great Ellington orchestra, and particularly enjoyed its then fairly new drummer, Sam Woodyard, whom I always thought was the perfect match for the band.

Six years later, I was back in Manhattan (not Kansas) courting my wife, who lived at 400 Central Park West. One day, I was helping my future mother-in-law carry in some stuff from her car and she pointed out a man, a few hundred feet away, to me, saying, "There's that nice man. He and I seem to be on the same shopping schedule and he often holds the door and helps me get my bags on the elevator." (I need to digress here and remind readers that food shopping in big cities by apartment dwellers is much different than shopping in most places--in New York City, most of us used personal fold-up carts and/or lugged bags through streets, over curbs and so forth; in other words, food shopping is a hassle.)

I recognized him immediately. "Do you know who that 'nice man' is?" I asked.

"Why, no," she answered.

"It's Duke Ellington," I told her. She couldn't believe it.

After that, I saw him a number of times, starting in 1964 and up until the early 1970s, sometimes sharing the elevator--he was few floors above my in-laws' apartment. My wife and I were married in 1964 and continued to live in Manhattan until 1975, although we stopped going to 400 Central Park West in late 1973 or early 1974 (the Duke died in 1974) when my in-laws retired and moved to Florida. He was a genuinely nice fellow.

Richard Hoe
July 8, 2011

How cool to have a personal remembrance of Duke Ellington!
Thanks for sharing, Richard.


GL Drumstick Bag - Around the World - BERMUDA

Dena Hamilton - Monday, June 27, 2011

"Hello from Hamilton, Bermuda!"

Compliments of Johnny Rabb

JR- you're too cool. Thanks:) Dena