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News and information related to Great Leather leathergoods and it's customers, as well comments and photos related to leather care, repairs, and restorations.


Dena Hamilton - Wednesday, May 01, 2013

My custom drumstick bag from Great Leather has finally arrived, and OH MY GOD what a beauty!  
On the bagde it says; Hand Made Especially For Torbjørn Siem! Ain't that something! Loving it :D

And another comment later - 
It's one of the coolest things I have ever seen:) Thanks!!


GL Drumstick Bag - Around the World - Canada

Dena Hamilton - Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Bonjour from Montreal

 Hi Dena, I just wanted to say thanks again for the super stick bag. For everything that relates to drumming, I only buy the best gear around. Indeed, your stick bag is a superb piece of equipment due to its quality and practicality. I simply cannot go to a gig without it. I sent a picture with my band mates. Continue the good work; BYE!

Alan Carver

Random Ride   

Thanks for the cool photo, Alan!!!  (Loved the review too:)  



GL Drumstick Bag - Around the World - New Zealand

Dena Hamilton - Thursday, September 01, 2011

Hi Dena, We received the bag yesterday and it is beautiful. Tia is really happy and loves it.I am really glad we went for the mahogany colour it,is gorgeous . Thanks also for the lovely coin purse,I love it.
Thanks so much for all the extra effort. Diana X

When Diana first ordered her son's drumstick bag, she sent me this:

Hi, Yes all the way in New Zealand,my son has specifically requested your bag as his drum tutor at the local uni recommended it!.

This was a pretty cool thing for me to hear!  It really made me feel good to know that a university professor in New Zealand was recommending the Great Leather Drumstick Bag!

I've enjoyed getting to know some of my owners a little bit from conversations we've had and I like sending good thoughts towards a specific drummer while I'm sewing up his bag:)


GL Drumstick Bag - Around the World - New York

Dena Hamilton - Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hi Dena,

I would like to express my appreciation to you for creating my new drumstick bag. Everything about it is first class - the quality of the leather, the design of the bag, your expert stitching and your friendly customer service. This bag is built to last. A couple of things about the well thought out design standout to me - the way that it closes using velcro (instead of zippers) is great, zippers are nice but seem to snag a lot and eventually break - the velcro solves this problem. Also, the "S" hooks that attach the bag to the drum are step up from using laces that wear out after awhile. The extra "S" hooks for hanging brushes on is another nice touch. These things might seem like simple things, but to me it makes a huge difference. And then add the fact that each bag is handmade makes each one unique. This drumstick bag will be with me for long time.
Thank You Again
Tedd Dolhon

GL Drumstick Bag - Around the World - Mexico City

Dena Hamilton - Saturday, July 16, 2011

MEINL Drum Festival in Mexico City - July 13, 2011

Hi Dena,
People flipped over the bag and mutes.
Here is end of Fest with crowd in background ....



GL Drumstick Bag- Around the World- Germany

Dena Hamilton - Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great Leather Drummer & Music Photographer


                                 Rob Shanahan

Rob Shanahan with Ringo Starr

I started sending letters out, asking where the Great Leather Drumstick Bag™ drummers are, for pictures or videos of what you are doing, and what music you're making around the world.
Rob Shanahan sent us two great shots!  One of Rob in his main element photographing music greats, and another bonus shot of himself as drummer with none other than Ringo Starr. 
If you haven't seen Rob Shanahan's photography yet, visit his website!!!  It was a thrill for me when I saw his homepage and you're gonna love his body of work.

Thanks for coming to my blog. Keep those emails, photos, and good stories (for the Good Story Series) coming. 
Wishing you all great fun, great music, and safe travels -  Dena

The Great Leather Drumstick Bag
Rob Shanahan Music Photography


GL Drumstick Bag - Around the World - BERMUDA

Dena Hamilton - Monday, June 27, 2011

"Hello from Hamilton, Bermuda!"

Compliments of Johnny Rabb

JR- you're too cool. Thanks:) Dena


GL Drumstick Bag -Around the World - ITALY

Dena Hamilton - Saturday, June 25, 2011

in Oviglio Italy

with Sergio Ponti

Sergio was GL's first international drummer. Sergio Ponti has been an enthusiastic spokesperson for Great Leather wherever he travels - what a great credit for GL! (Be sure to check out his new band Syne! You can download their music here.)

As of this post - besides Italy, new Great Leather Drumstick Bags have gone out to drummers in Spain, Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Canada, and of course the USA. And they have toured all over the world!


  FRANCO TAULINO - vocals, flute, piano, percussions, sax
MARCELLO CHIARALUCE - electric guitars
MASSIMO FALETTI - acoustic guitar, flute
SERGIO PONTI - drums and percussions
ANDREA GARAVELLI - electric bass
KENNY VALLE - keyboards


Does this look like a cool event or what?!!! 

Thanks for coming to my blog.
Wishing you all fun, great music, and safe travels.



Dena Hamilton - Monday, June 06, 2011
Carmine ( a Great Leather Drumstick Bag endorser! ) will be playing with the Les Paul Trio at the Iridium Jazz Club on Broadway in NYC June 27th. Along with Carmine, featured artists include Michael Angelo Batio guitars, Jimmy Kunes, vocals and Elliot Dean bass.
This will be an awesome event!  Be there if you can. Showtimes are 8pm and 10pm.

Be sure and watch Carmine's clinic and tour schedule for somewhere near you.


GL Drumstick Bag - Around the World - Poland

Dena Hamilton - Saturday, May 14, 2011
Just got this great pic of Johnny with his Great Leather Drumstick Bag, sent from a drum clinic he's doing in Warsaw Poland.  In our book, Johnny is not only a world class musician, but a world class guy. Thanks, Johnny!


Johnny Rabb is a popular global clinician, performing master classes and workshops worldwide. He is also a product specialist for the expressive and powerful Roland V-Drums and recently opened his own V-Drum Studio in Chicago. In his productive tenure with the Roland team, he has programmed drum kit patches for the Roland TD-12 and TDW-20 Expansion Board.

Johnny is professionally trained and extensively road-tested. Now based in Chicago, he continues to refine his music production, including performance, writing and recording, as well as stick design and digital application. In his Nashville days, he toured with artists such as Maynard Ferguson, Tanya Tucker, Hank Williams III, SheDaisy, Deana Carter and Mindy McCready.

Today, performing for Roland and with his innovative bands BioDiesel, Ten Finger Orchestra and DrumJockeys, Johnny is a favorite with audiences from Tokyo to New York; from Madrid to Vienna; from Atlanta to Torreon (Mexico); from Pittsburgh to Reno.

Johnny's Warner Bros. Publications release Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass for the Acoustic Drumset was voted the #1 instructional book in Modern Drummer Magazine's 2003 Reader's Poll.

Johnny proudly performs with MEINL Cymbals and Percussion, Johnny Rabb Drumsticks, REMO Drumheads, AUDIX Micrphones and Roland Electronic Percussion.

For more information, visit