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News and information related to Great Leather leathergoods and it's customers, as well comments and photos related to leather care, repairs, and restorations.

GREAT LEATHER'S Trumpet Mouthpiece Case - New!

Dena Hamilton - Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Here at Great Leather we just designed and created a leather mouthpiece case for trumpets/coronets/flugelhorns. This one holds two mouthpieces. It's compact, built to last, and the leather is gorgeous - of course! This unique style is perfect for protecting and transporting a trumpet players most prized accessories. Watch for it! It will be in the shopping cart very soon. You may call for yours before that at our shop here in Illinois, USA. 309-465-9216


Great Leather teams up with trumpeter James Knabe

Dena Hamilton - Saturday, December 07, 2013
Met with James again yesterday- James Knabe

James is my new Great Leather client liaison for trumpet players! James tours the country performing, teaching lessons and master classes, coaching artists in their performances, careers, and marketing, and gives product demonstrations for Harrelson Trumpets, Patrick Mouthpieces - and now Great Leather! 

James and I are really excited about our new partnership! We're already working on some new products for trumpet players and we'll eventually be developing leather accessories for the rest of the brass section as well! Stay tuned!!


Trumpet Mouthpiece Pouch - new - from Great Leather!

Dena Hamilton - Thursday, June 28, 2012

I just finished developing a new musical accessory here at Great Leather!  Jerry Cerchia is the customer that requested we make this item, and I've enclosed a letter he sent to his trumpeter network, so you could see how this new product come about. 
We appreciate you, our readers and supporters!  Kind Regards, Dena

p.s. thanks for the wonderful letter, Jerry!

I want to introduce the list to Dena Hamilton. Dena owns a company called Great Leather, in Avon , Illinois. I discovered her website when I was shopping for a high quality Leather Drumstick bag that I needed to buy as a gift for a friend. (by the way, if you have any drummer friends who are looking for THE best quality leather bag, have them check out her website.) In a phone call follow up discussion, I asked her if she could make leather trumpet mouthpiece cases, and that I had a case that I had had for many years, not made anymore, and that I would love to have replicated and replaced. I sent her my old case, with an actual mouthpiece in it. She produced a case that far exceeded the quality and design of the old case.

Her craftsmanship is SUPERB!! This is, without a doubt, the finest case on the market. I have seen and tried them all over the years. I have no proprietary interest in her company. I just think that quality like this needs to be shared.

If you want the best case you will ever own, check out this case. It can hold 3-5 mouthpieces depending on how you use it. For a few extra bucks she can have a laser etched leather name label affixed to the case. Check out her website. (The case pictured on the website is actually the one she made for me. They can be handcrafted in Black, Burgundy/Wine, or Saddle Tan leather.)

FYI…She used to be THE repair station for Wilson’s Leather stores for a 4-5 state area.

I am including her website and contact info as well as a direct link to the item on the website.

She is GREAT to deal with!

Jerry Cerchia

Click here to get yours now!