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News and information related to Great Leather leathergoods and it's customers, as well comments and photos related to leather care, repairs, and restorations.

A Special A-2 in for Service

Dena Hamilton - Monday, October 26, 2015
This jacket was sent in along with a set of knits to replace the old worn knit. Restoring vintage jackets is something we do often since we have the skill and can also supply the correct materials. 
When I saw this particular patch I thought, "It looks like it says 509!" So I looked closer and when I saw the bomb cloud I knew it was a jacket from someone in the 509th squadron, and that was my dad's unit. They flew the Enola Gay which dropped the first Atomic Bomb. I had never seen one of their jackets because my dad didn't have one. He was on the ground crew (responsible for every nut and bolt on that plane) and it was hot on Tinian Island. 
I'm very curious which of the airmen this belonged to. I'll have to ask my customer how he came to have it.