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Drummer Sean Deel


Designed - by a drummer - for a drummer!


"I love this bag! It's awesome! I had other bags that the zippers broke and the brushes fell out, but I've never had to replace this one. On stages that I share with other drummers, it always gets noticed. More so than my drums or cymbals"

Gary Sullivan

Drummers include:

Ringo Starr, Carmine Appice, Johnny Rabb, Rich Redmond,
Marco Minnemann, Sergio Ponti

The Great Leather drum stick bag is used by drummers all around the world including the USA, Switzerland, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia and Norway!

It's been featured in "Modern Drummer Magazine" and "DRUM!"

To see the full review from "Modern Drummer Magazine" please click here

  • Hand made in the USA
  • 10 sq.ft. of rich top-grain leather
  • Will not tear or crack like nylon or vinyl
  • No zippers to break or scratch your set
  • Strong pockets for extended wear
  • Hooks inside for drum key or brushes
  • Designed for easy change outs
  • Comfortable carry handle 
  • Designed to last for many years
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Personalized with owner's name
With artistic application, superior construction, and luxurious leather the Great Leather Drumstick Bag is built to last and be a trusted piece of personal gear for many years. We know that every professional drummer desires the finest in equipment and accessories, and our stickbag stands up to the severest of scrutiny.
Customized Name Label Included

The Great Leather Drum Stick Bag is only $249


The first GLDB was made as a birthday present for friend and professional drummer, Gary Sullivan, in 1990. When breaking down at gigs, I kept hearing Gary say , “if I only had a bag that…” So, I began to ask him very specific questions about his ideas and what the dimensions would be, and this is the bag I made. We must have hit on something because as you can see, the design hasn’t changed much over the years.

After this picture was taken we put some Urad on Gary's bag to even out the color, add some moisture and protection, and I reinforced a couple of the seams. The bag was almost 20 years old when this photo was taken and he tells me he still uses it today (2015).

The following videos are unsolicited reviews by
Great Leather drummer Emile de Leon of Temple Sounds.
Thank you, Emile!

The Great Leather Drum Stick Bag is only $249


I received the bag - THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's one thing to see your merchandise on the internet, but the pictures just can't capture the real beauty of these. The look, feel and smell all combined together can't be recreated in a picture. It really is beautiful! 

I really love, love, love it! Thanks Dena,

Scott MacWilliams

Dena, Wow! :-)

The drumstick bag is fantastic,functional and wonderfully crafted.Right up there with Spizzichino cymbals,Cooperman drumsticks and Craviotto drums.Thanks again for the personal service and care and time you put into your product.

Ed Jacobson

When Dena first brought me this stick bag, I was totally amazed by the workmanship and the quality of the leather. Let's be straight: this is, without a doubt, the Rolls-Royce of stick bags. It is very compact, and yet holds exactly what's needed for most gigging drummers. The protective flap (which folds over the sticks in their compartments) is a nice idea, as is the way it stands up on its own when you close it. There is a really sturdy handle on the top, too. On the outside there are a couple of useful pockets for drum keys etc... The whole thing attaches to the floor tom by way of 2 well-placed hooks. A lot of thought has gone into the ergonomics of this bag, I can tell. For me, personally, this has everything I need, and adds a touch of class whilst doing it! Every drummer should treat themselves to it!

Charlie Morgan (Elton John's drummer) 

My girlfriend bought one of your extraordinarily well crafted drumstick bags for me about a year ago. I think that great craftsmanship must be praised, and I havenever as a drummer experienced that kind of functionality, innovation and class in a drummer accessory! The bag is great, and it still amazes me every time I use it.

Keep up the great work! :)

Adam Victor Bøje

Dear Dena, I've played drums since 1972, and have owned dozens of stick bags and cases. This bag leaves all others in the dust. Even stick bags supposedly endorsed or designed by major drumset artists don't begin to approach this one, in terms of pure beauty, elegance and durability. I've spent 35 years searching for the perfect kit, the perfect cymbals, and the perfect kick pedal. I'm still searching, but I've found the stick bag of my dreams. It ain't cheap, but neither are Rolexes, Porsches and Prada purses. I may not be a great drummer, but carrying this bag into a gig makes me feel like one.

Randall Coyne

Hi Dena

Bag arrived today, and what can I say, this thing is absolutely beautiful. It's really just amazing! Far better than any other stick bag I've seen. Thanks so much for a great bag, and I can't wait to break it in at the gig tonight!


The Great Leather Drum Stick Bag is only $249