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Below is a list of pretty standard prices. 

With a caring mindset, we will look very close at your individual jacket. Your leather jacket may have been cut from extra heavy hides, it may be extremely worn and in need of inner reinforcement, or you may choose special order zippers or other materials. Personal customized service is what we are known for (besides great work!:-)

*Leather jackets are our specialty! For bags, luggage, etc. please contact my colleague Jeff Moses at Shoe Biz Shoe Repair Inc. in Peoria, IL. 309-692-5414

CLEAN AND CONDITION and REDYE - $99 to $119 (many nooks and crannies or special colors)


Minimum charge $5.00
Any repair that we have to open the lining $15 & up
Snaps where fully exposed $6.00
Buttons resewn-jacket $6.00 four or more $5 each
Buttons-small collar or liner $3
Pocket replaced $27, two for $50
Reline Jacket $225 - $275
Bomber knit cuffs replaced $55
Bomber knit cuffs & waistband replaced
$150 Our replacement knits are the highest quality, heavy, USA material. Custom knit specifically for the G1 and A2 
G-1 mouton collar replaced with vintage mouton $200 (175 if replacing the lining at the same time)

"Dena, I just wanted to let you know how great my G1 leather goatskin jacket looks since you have replaced the knit waistband and cuffs. The workmanship is superb! Thanks for the high quality rib rack wool knits that were used for the early model jackets. This really adds a touch of authenticity to my garment. I would not hesitate to send any vintage leather military jacket to you for repair or restoration. Best regards, Eric"

ZIPPER REPLACEMENT - We use USA YKK solid brass zippers with an antique finish for most jackets. If you want a NOS zipper (new-old stock), be advised that these zippers cost around $60 because they have to be ordered from the only company that I know of that makes them- and they are in Japan. 

Jacket Main Zipper - $65 and up  
*depends on the size of zipper, weight of jacket leather, degree of complexity * Aero and horsehide generally $95

Liner zipper - $95  *sometimes we can replace just one side of the zipper on the removable liner for less money

Two-Way Plain Front - $75 
Two-way zippers are the type of zipper that is set into longer coats and jackets. They zip up from the bottom while closed over the chest. This makes it much easier to get into the car and saves your zipper from wearing out at the pin from stress. Two-way zippers only come in sizes 5 or 10.

Zipper in Sleeve - $75

BOMBER JACKET ZIPPERS - We stock and use solid brass, antique finish YKK zippers for replacing leather bomber jacket zippers. Replica zippers - New Old Stock -can be obtained. We can obtain them for you or direct you to where you can purchase them and send in for your bomber jacket zipper replacement. NOS zippers are cashy.


Shorten sleeves - $45 (simple straight plain) & up 
Shorten cuffed or buttoned sleeves - $65 & up
When measuring to shorten buttoned sleeves, be sure to look at the desired bottom edge. Any holes where buttons were sewn must be turned to the underside, or hidden by the “new” last button.
Shorten zippered sleeves in heavy leather - $125 
Where sleeve must be tapered to retain circumference of cuff- we do that.
*If there is a long sleeve button-in liner that must also be shortened, add $15.

Lengthen Sleeves - Contact us for information

*Before you send your leather jacket to have the sleeves altered, please look in the mirror to make sure the sleeves are the same length. If they are the same length, you only need to mark one sleeve. (Occasionally, leather garments come with slightly irregular sleeves, and if your sleeves are too long it isn't noticeable.) Send us the amount you would like us to shorten or lengthen the sleeves, in inches. Or if shortening the sleeves, you may choose to clip one sleeve up to the desired length. Always be very careful if using paper clips and never use tape on leather.

"Hi Dena , I received my leather jacket today, and I have to tell you I'M ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with it. I literally cannot tell it was altered. You did an AMAZING job! Thank you SO MUCH. Lynne"

"Dena, My leather jacket arrived today. As I said this is one of my favorite garments of all times and what you have done to restore it is truly remarkable. Looks new. Its like seeing an old friend as they appeared the first time you met them. What you do is obviously an art. Please keep it up. Bravo and Thank You! Richard"