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Leather CARE Specialists™ - SHIPPING:

There may not be someone in your area with the experience, skill, and dedication of the Leather CARE Specialists.  So, send us your leather item and we’ll have it back to you in no time.

Here’s all you do - In 3 easy steps:

  1. Empty your pockets. We’re never tempted to keep money or gloves -  but chocolate ….

Seriously though,
we find credit cards
and other things you
wouldn't want to be without.
  2. Check your garment over for other needed repairs.  It saves time and money to have things done all at once- and it feels great when you get your item back knowing everything about it is in good condition. 


Check the pockets at the corners and look for tears or small surface snags elsewhere.  (We will find these but we would like you to see them before you send your item to us.)

- Check the tape at the zipper pin for wear, or check the buttons that they are secure.
- Consider having your item cleaned, conditioned, and possibly re-dyed.
 Or you can purchase our favorite care products to use yourself.


Print and fill in the
SHIPPING FORM to put inside your box. 
(To view these documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download) 
Or enclose a note with the same information and
mail to:

    Leather Care Specialists (or LCS)
    101 W. King
    Avon, IL. 61415

Payments can be made by:

Credit Card over the phone, Paypal, or you can mail us a check or money order. 

Generally, we collect payment when the work is finished.

We will let you know by email when your item arrives.  Then after we've had a chance to look your item over, we will call you when we have it on the table in front of us, to discuss your options. At that time we can estimate or confirm a price that includes return shipping, as well as an estimated turn-around time.

You can send questions and photos to:

Or call the shop at: 309-465-9216

Oh, and FYI -  We are very happy with the service provided by USPS and our experience has only been positive with them. Second choice is FedEx. 
If you take your coat to the post office they will give you free tracking information if you ask for it. We love USPS click-n-ship and pick-up services! Their website is fairly user friendly so if you can navigate the internet, you can save money and time with this option. 

Also- More than likely a box from home will be cheaper for you than the free ones at the post office, as they only give away Flat Rate boxes now (these save you money if you are shipping a brick). But... convenience may be worth a few extra dollars for you.

*With any shipment please make sure the label is taped on securely.

*Don't pack your box really tight so it bulges, or it could possibly break open a bit. If there's extra room in the box, be sure and stuff it so it doesn't squash and then split if a heavy box gets set on top of it. Box damage almost never happens! But if it does, it's because a box is packed too tight, or there's empty space in the box.

Hope this helps!

Talk soon-


p.s. please do not send packing peanuts - thx:-)